Preventative double mastectomy

Preventative Double Mastectomy: The final stage

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First off, I apologize I haven’t updated or posted in such a long time.  Time truly flies by quickly doesn’t it?  Whew…. okay I last left off on the week of my final surgery (which literally feels like forever ago).  Here is a quick recap of the final stage of my prophylactic double mastectomy.

During my final surgery, the expanders I had in my chest (which are implants that are filled with saline multiple times over a few months to expand the skin) were taken out and my silicone tear drop shaped implants were put in.  I no longer have any breast tissue in my chest.  All I have is an implant and some extra cushion from fat grafting.  Fat grafting was painful.  Basically the plastic surgeon took fat through a little tube out of my stomach and placed it around the implant and on top to give my foobs a more “natural look”.  Although I am certain they do not look like natural breasts, I do think that fat grafting was necessary.  Recovery after this last surgery was worse than I had expected.  I was in quite a bit of pain and it was more in my stomach area than my chest.  I have a high pain tolerance so I thought I would be okay, however my stomach felt like it had been cut all the way across my body multiple times yet it was only a tiny little hole.  Bruising was not as bad this time but it was still on both of my sides and all around my scars.  A few weeks later and everything was just fine.  My scars are visible but they are not over bearing.  I think they are perfect.  I am proud of these scars as they tell me so much about myself.

Out of everything I have been through during this journey only two minor struggles stick out to me that were not the easiest to deal with.  The first would definitely be the drains that I had in my sides with the first surgery.  Even though I only had them in for a few weeks, I do not want to go through that again.  The only other part that I struggled with was the last recovery from the fat grafting mentioned above.  Everything else was exciting and all in all it was all so worth it.  As I am sure I have said this in a previous post, going forward I will only have to have a MRI every 3 years to check on the implants.

Just two weeks ago I had my one year follow up with the plastic surgeon to briefly check the implants and make sure everything healed properly.  The first thing she said to me was that the girls looked so good!  Then she asked how I was feeling and all I could say was relieved.  I did not have any worries or questions or what if’s to speak to her about.  I was almost speechless but in a good happy way.  She checked my foobs and she said everything looked/felt perfect! YAY!!

I took my daughter with me to this appointment and we had a great girls day.
IMG_6497.jpgAs my little princess sat next to me, all I could think about was how my decision to have this done truly was the best decision for me.  I literally can not express my feelings after having my double mastectomy.  Before, I had so much worry and fear that breast cancer would take me as it took my mother and now after, I know I will not be the 1 out of 8 women that will be diagnosed.  Of course I can not protect myself from everything in this world, but I did stop breast cancer from ruling my life.

I hope to continue on here with personal updates and even other stories of women going through this process. I truly believe that even if something is so personal to you, by sharing your story/experience and opening those doors it can move mountains in helping others!  Thank you for all of your continued support and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Goodnight and God Bless!

xoxo Ashley