3 Days Post Mastectomy

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So it has been 3 days since I underwent my nipple sparring skin sparring prophylactic double mastectomy and I will have to say I am doing very good with it all.  Any kind of surgery is hard to recover from and challenging but I definitely thought it would be way worse.  The hardest part was sitting up out of the bed.  Now on day 3, I can sit up on my own, do most of my daily normal activities but I still can not lift my arms higher than my shoulders.  Thankfully my hubs is strong and can lift me up when I need help.   He has been a wonderful nurse. Surgery only took about three hours, which I was surprised it wasn’t longer.  I went to the hospital early Wednesday morning.  I was the first patient scheduled for surgery that day.  After the IV was in and I was all prepped to go back to surgery, I was ridiculously calm.  They wheeled me back to the operating room that was ice cold and it was lit up with huge bright lights.  They also had dance music blaring in the room.  I said, “Oh my gosh, I love how cold it is in here and that it is a dance party in here!”  The anesthesiologist came in told me to take 15 breathes and I was out after the first breathe.  Speaking of being put under, when I was a little girl I had to have my tonsils removed.  All I remember about that surgery was this old lady that was a nurse was shaking me, and yelling at me saying I wasn’t being a good girl.  I guess I didn’t let her say that too much longer because I flailed my arm over and accidentally hit her.  Ever since then I literally have had the worst trouble waking up.  It is not intentional, I just think that mean old lady made me that way.  So I warned my anesthesiologist before I went back that I may have trouble waking up.  Sure enough I did, and he said he had to put me back out because of it.  Haha … Sorry! My expanders only have about 100cc of saline in them so they are small right now.  I have 4 drains in, 2 on each side, and everything I have heard about these things being annoying is so true.  Hopefully next week at my follow up appointment, I will be able to get a few or all of them taken out.  The doctors will put more saline in my expanders over the next few appointments.  I do not have any bruising right now, and the incision site looks great. When I woke up from surgery, I remember tears fell down as I was so relieved.  It is finally over and the worry/fear is gone!  The nurse asked me that morning how I was feeling.  I said I’m great and excited, then she got a puzzled look on her face.  “We don’t hear that often”.  When my doctor came in, the nurse said “Ashley is excited and ready”, my doctor said “It is rare but I know why she is ready for this.”  Someone understands why, finally!!  My doctors were phenomenal!  They said everything went great and that I would get results back from my tissue in about a week to see if there was any concern or cancer cells in the tissue. Unknown I do not regret this decision one bit, I am very glad I got this surgery.  This was the best decision for me and my life.  In being proactive, you don’t have to go to this extreme as I did, but just make sure you do your self breast exams, mammograms and yearly check ups. xoxo, Ashley


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