For the Girls With or Without Their Mommas

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Pink tulips for mother's day

It’s that time of the year that I have not been a fan of for a really, really long time – Mother’s Day.  As I was growing up and watching all my friends with their wonderful moms, making them gifts, going shopping for the most special present and spending the whole weekend with their families it was bittersweet for me.  I was happy, jealous, sad, heart broken, you name it I probably felt it.  I love all of my friend’s moms, they did more for me then I probably deserved.  They raised me like their own and I could not say thank you enough!

However, Mother’s Day is just a day to me that brings back the fact I don’t have my mom.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel these emotions every day but this day just rubs it in a little more.  I’m the girl without a mom, I’m the girl who everyone makes sure to check on and was invited over because they felt bad for me.  I’m the girl no one ever knows what to say to on this day. I never want sympathy, I just want to be normal and celebrate with my own mom and since that is not an option I would rather be by myself, watch lifetime movies, eat pizza, ice cream and cry most of the time.  Thankfully, I now somewhat look forward to this day as I am a new mom.  I am so happy God made me this little sweetheart’s momma.  She literally is the best and she is my world.  My favorite part is when I get those sweet handmade gifts she makes (with help of course), it just melts my heart.  Don’t we all love those cute little Mother’s Day crafts?  Most people have plans way in advance to celebrate this day but my ideal/perfect day would be a mommy daughter day of us just relaxing and playing at home.

To the girls with out momma’s – hang in there!! Try to stay positive and try not to be upset all day long but it is okay to be sad.  It is an emotional day!  It is only natural to have those feelings when someone so precious is taken away from you.  You really are not “fine” and you probably feel like no one could possibly understand how you feel.  Please know that you are not alone, unfortunately there are many of us who can relate to you.

Regardless if it is Mother’s day, prom, homecoming, graduation, picture day, holidays, your birthday, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birth of your child, or any and every other day of the week, it will always be hard not having her there.  Stay strong and always know she is always with you!  After you get the tears and sadness out of your system, go and start your day. Even if you are like me and would rather stay at home that is perfectly okay to do!

Regardless of your plans on this day:
1. Remember her gorgeous face and that infectious smile she had.
2. Make yourself feel good on this day.  Freshen up after the tears fall, do your make up, fix your hair, put on your dress clothes depending on your day (cute comfy dress clothes for church then change into your favorite sweatpants you can find right after like I would).
3. Take a little walk outside sometime on this day and smile up at her through the clouds/sunshine because she is looking down right at you smiling back.

Isn’t it such a relief knowing she is not in pain anymore and she is finally where she belongs in heaven?  She is in the most beautiful place but she is also with you every step of the way.  Talk to her daily and be sure to tell her all about your ups and downs, your heartbreaks, your friendships, school, your struggles, your job and everything else that happens because she is there for you.

To the girls with their momma’s 
1.  Go give your momma a hug and tell her how much you love her.
2.  If she is not in close reach, call her and tell her you love her.
This will definitely put a smile on her face!!
You have your best friend right there and you need to appreciate and cherish each day with her.  This goes for the guys too!  When she tells you to listen to her, listen.  When she gives you a shoulder to cry on, accept it.  When she wants a girls weekend shopping trip, drop what you had planned and go.  When she dances funny or sings off key, join her.  When she is feeling down, cheer her up.  When she is out for the day, leave her a little letter for her to see when she gets back.  When she is miles away, send her flowers and a card.  When she is weak, be strong for her.  When she is cheering for you on the sidelines, know she is your biggest fan.  When she cries, wipe her tears.  When you first see her for the day, give her a hug.  Don’t just do these things on Mother’s day but you should be doing this everyday.

You never know when it may be your last chance so make it count before it is too late!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mommas!  I pray you have a blessed day with your family and know that being a mom is the best thing in the entire world you could be.  Love your babies and they will love you back.  xoxo Ashley

Happy Mother’s Day to you mom!


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